Davis is well known for offering complete weather forecasting ideal solutions. They offer premium quality of sensors, combined along with LCD displays which are excellent as well as sophisticated. However, these kinds of weather stations are usually used for industries, laboratories as well as some other uses. They are entirely consistent and offer perfect weather reports.  You can schedule various industrial outcomes, vacations, outings as well as some other significant task relevant to weather statement. In earlier times, we don’t have the opportunity to forecast weather of an environment, however with these weather stations, it is a special story. Now, let’s have a glance on foremost three weather stations offered by Davis.


  • Davis Instruments 6250 Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station
  • Console features an easy-to-read, backlit 3 by 4.375-inch LCD display with a glow-in-the-dark keypad
  • Wireless transmission from ISS to console of up to 1,000 feet with fast updates every 2.5 seconds
  • Item Weight : 7 pounds
  • Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Weather Station (Wireless)
  • Customizable features with robust performance
  • Multiple add-ons available
  • Item Weight : 13 pounds
  • Davis Instruments Cabled Vantage Pro2 Plus
  • Wireless NONE
  • Remote Monitoring NONE
  • Item Weight : 16.9 pounds

Davis 6250 Vantage Vue wireless weather station is a specialized weather predicting station performs entire work by its own. Simply you have to install it on a pole, which doesn’t take any time and your set. The weighs of this davis vantage vue weather station is around 7 pounds, along with the dimensions of 19 x 15 x 7 inches. It has an LCD monitor display, an outdoor sensor as well as mounting parts. Let’s have a brief view on its key features.

davis weather station reviews

  • The LCD monitor is a backlit, along with a glow in the dark keyboard, having a screen size of 4.375-inch. The monitor display is easily readable, and has animations, graphing of weather trends, sunrise/sunset times, moon stage, as well as alarms and so on.
  • The range amid the exterior unit as well as LCD monitor of functioning is 1000 feet, thus you can easily install them at the great place you find, without any signal issues.
  • The weather station reports a wide range of things such as present weather conditions, including indoor as well as outdoor temperature, barometric pressure, humidity dew point, rainfall, and direction.
  • The integrated sensor sends the signal to the updates and console data for every 2.5 seconds. In fact, this is a real-time synchronization is the best approach to be updated regarding every weather change.
  • This instance yesterday feature aids you comparing difference weather condition at the similar time of the earlier day.
  • The major console can additionally enhance the range for any other comfort by 1000 feet.
  • The wind speed can be evaluated from 2 to 150 miles per hour.
  • The batteries can drain quickly with use; almost of them don’t last longer as predictable. In addition, there is not even though single issues in using this weather station. The client service at the Davis is a very great as well as they will find you an immediate solution to entire issues with the station. I would suggest this davis 6250 weather station for durable, perfect weather predicting reports, and credible.

This is a common weather station, and it performs most of the function that a high expensive station can do, without any costing you much money. In fact, it has a humidity sensor, a wireless console and comes with fundamental weather station features. This unit is very simply so far efficient as well as accurate in all weather conditions.

best davis weather station

  • It has a backlit LCD screen monitor of dimensions 3.5” x 6” that makes everything easily readable and understandable.
  • The console also has alternatives available for soil moisture, short, UV/solar as well as long range repeaters which could aid in improving the signals to several console installed at numerous locations.
  • The exterior unit’s offers updates to the interior console for every 2.5 seconds, which means that you are obtaining real-time updates of the weather report of your place.
  • The console has a wide range of data analysis alternatives and logger which aids in seeing data in the various form.
  • The range of the exterior unit and interior console of functioning together is a thousand feet, which is a superior freedom distance.
  • You can attach repeaters around 2.7 KM. as well as they properly transmit a signal to each and every console within that distance, actually helpful for large companies and industries.
  • The exterior unit also includes solar panel, an anemometer, humidity sensors, rain collector and temperature sensors.
  • This unit is a symbol, if ease in the surrounding of weather stations, the console is a very handy as well as easily understandable. The exterior units are constructed to the last longer along with solid remains. Even though, if you are seeking for some new technology features, this davis vantage pro2 weather station will not suit your needs, however, it performs only the basic functions without any issues. The console is not a fancy, as you may observe in some other brands; however it is method more elaborated, in its part. This unit is solid and never gives you any kind of issues for more than 10 years have a doubt? Just buy this equipment.

This Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 weather station is exactly like the one mentioned above however has cabled connection along with the exterior unit, instead of wireless. Of course, the wire can be extended as long as the client need it to be, depends on convenience, obviously adding additional cost. The significant features of the units are:-

  • It has backlit LCD monitor screen of dimensions 3.5” x 6” which makes the whole thing easily understandable as well as readable.
  • The console also has alternatives obtainable for short & long range repeaters, UV/solar, soil moisture that could aid in improving the signals to several console installed at numerous places.
  • The exterior unit offers updates to the interior console for every 2.5 seconds; you can get real-time regular updates of the weather of your condition of your place.
  • The console has a variety of data analysis choices as well as logger which aids in observing data in the various form.
  • The variety of exterior unit, as well as interior console of functioning together, is 1000 feet, which is a great freedom distance.
  • You can extend repeaters around 2.7 KM, and they will transmit a signal to all console within that distance, obviously helpful for larger industries and companies.
  • The exterior unit also includes an anemometer, solar panel, rain collector, and temperature and humidity sensors.davis vue weather station

Once again, this is a very easy, so far useful weather station by Davis. The console has a simple attractive feature, still contains most almost entire requirements.  This unit could be an issue when setup because of cable connection however, then if you are selected for this, then you have to compact with it. In general, this davis vantage pro 2 weather station is cute polite for daily use, as well as made to last longer.  Hence, if you love the simplicity and then nothing else you need this units suit you. However, purchase the wireless update versions of it, in order to save yourself from the network of wires.

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